Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Christmas Story

Once upon a time
not long ago
I lived for others
whom I did not know

One Day
during Christmas Time
I decided to give of myself
not knowing this would be the last time

I marketed both far and wide
to try
to make Christmas
in a child's life

Most were honest
yet it was unfair
how much I did
It felt like no one cared

Till it was
it came time
to hand gifts out
line by line

I crossed them off
and boxed them up
shipped most
delivered some

Where this story goes array
is when I contacted local families
to say when I would be by

There was a chance
to pass
if life had changed

But there I was
a small bag in hand
with gifts for 2 small girls
I do not recall their names

Yet I do recall
driving up to a newly built home
with nice new toys left in the snow

A flat screen T.V box
propped up by the garage
and gift boxes
spilling out of the trash can

Yet they signed up
for Christmas gifts for their children

I remember walking slowly to the door
shaking my head
Feeling my heart sink
further than ever before

That day I was  taken advantage of
and it burned
and then it scarred

Even though a few years past
I feel it now
ever so much more

Thinking of those
who are really in need
and the others
that conceive that they are deserving

Most of the time I look the other way
or wait for God to call out my name

I have put feeling for one
on the back burner for now
maybe forever

Until someone can show me different

Even as I type now
I feel taken advantage of
used, and even abused
by the false hearted "needy"

I wish I knew how to fix me
but the way I see it
is simply I see

1 comment:

  1. Oh boy, that is a tough one. I wonder how a parent explains your gift-giving to a child who's been sitting in front of a big flat screen in a new house. I'm scratching my head over that. What a shame.

    But your heart was in the right place and maybe one day those little girls will return the favor to children whose parents know and understand the true meaning of Christmas.

    It's by my great pleasure to spend time with your blog getting to know you this past year. I wish you and your gorgeous family a happy and bright Christmas. xoxoxo jj