Monday, November 29, 2010


Yeah you,..
listen up
no down here
Mother Nature
you see that
Nope,..not a smiling face
it is my butt crack
Just thought I would share
like you did
just 2 weeks after I traded in my SUV
to get a mini van
we got record snow fall
I got stuck
more than once

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Deadly Sin,.. or shopping?

I feel in the days of 2010
Black Friday has quickly replaced
Or for a simpler math equation
Black Friday = Gluttony

don't believe me?

In most cases people overspent
because it was a "good deal"
Bought something they didn't need
or even want
because of the price

Black Friday
has infected the once beloved and cherished
Thanksgiving day
Instead of one counting blessings
They count the ads online  or in the paper
Instead of focusing on what they should be thankful for
and in a quite way
replaying the year to evaluate how truly blessed they are
They are instead making lists
and checking them twice
and figuring out where they will stand in line at 3 am in the morn

Then as the doors are opened
people who just made peace and a turkey
shove and push to get where they are going 1st
They rejoice in a  hypnotic fashion and dance on to the next store on their list

This is gluttony in it finest

Black Friday or even Cyber Monday can be done right
but people gotta get a grip
on themselves, their checkbook, and above all the Christmas spirit

Please tell me how 50 presents under the tree
or a huge T.V
is going to make you anymore whole, than the day before?

Just as you might sit across a man
who is gorging himself in such a way it makes your stomach turn
with more and more plates being presented
you think, does he really need all that food
OMG, that is disgusting
You try not to look but you cannot help your self
stare at a man who has created his own demise
Stuffing himself without care

This man is a glutton

Black Friday and him are best friends

Simply gross.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shhhhh it's a Secret!

I am in the Christmas mood
I am oozing Christmas Spirit
My Tree is up with care
If I had a chimney they would be up there
I am hummin' to all kinds of Christmas tunes
I've wrapped gifts
and made my DVD
now there is only one thing left you see

Shhhhhhh,... it's a Secret
she is hosting SSS
and this is my second year
but this is an xtra special year 4 me

So in the past
you wrote about what ya got
which was fun
but this year is even better!!!
You write about what you've sent
All givin' in' such ;)

I was hoping my package would reach my person on Black Friday but no such luck
cause you see , I am tracking it!

So Now I get to Highlight what I got her

In an oversized diaper box, size 4 I believe

There are chocolate candies, resse's
and wrapped up with care
with a jingle bell
are a vintage cookbook
that has a very special meaning to me
Plus a Christmas card with $5 bucks to Starbucks
Then you have the travel Coffee Mug
filled with espresso chocolates

I hope she will enjoy,..
I know she will

I bet you are wondering why I gave this person that special cookbook
Well, it has a story
that I know she would appreciate
It came from my grandfather years and years ago
in mint condition,..
it's actual value I am unaware
But the recipes inside are just wonderful
takes you back to a place before the net
can you imagine
when it seemed easier to get along
and as  far as the reason why
Because this Lady deserves it and will care for it only as I know she could
she will embrace the value more than any antique collector

Happy SSS

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Black Friday
Is like having an affair

You get swept up
turned on and
talked into, quite a lot

All the while you know it is
and all the above

Not  A FAN

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thankful Thanksgiving

In so many words I cannot find
the right words where happiness lies
Focused on family and food
I feel I am in incredible mood
Even with commercials stabbing at my eyes
knowing it is a human demise

I tend on watching the parade
and somewhere
I hope to find
where Thanksgiving spirit is made
I fear it does not lie in the pumpkin pie
nor the stuffing

It is really overwhelming
Seeing everyone
ready to rush though being thankful
Focused with dollars signs sparkling in their eyes

I like a good deal
as everyone does
but before it gets lost
in the hustle and bustle
Sit and be still
bow your head and count your blessings
and with hope
Thanksgiving will live on

 Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and May you be blessed with more than just your pocket book holds

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful 101

An extra insight into my heart and humor

I am So Thankful

Like One Hundred and One ways, Ya know!

1. For disposable Diapers
2. Pencil sharpeners
3. Awesome Cook Books
4. Recipes online
5. Free Blogger Site
6. The ability to read
7. I own a Computer
8. I have no Cavities
9. I Have 4 Children
10. Private School
11. My 6 yr old can read
12. My 8yr old reads at a 5th grade level
13. My son can Run
14. My 4yr old has a great imagination
16. Playhouse Disney
17. The Gap
18. Gymboree
19. Starbucks
20. Chocolate
21. Honey Bunches of Oats
22. Yogurt
23. Peanut Butter
24. I have an Oven
25. I have a smoke alarm
26. I have to bathrooms in my house
27. I have a roof
28. I have a good working vehicle
29. My kids have nice clothing
30. I have a washer and dryer
31. I have a garage
32. I have the best landlord in the world
33. I have use of my legs and arms
34. For Wipes
35. Winter Boots
36. Gloves
37. Snow Hats
38. Jackets
39. Jeans that make me feel good about myself
40. The ability to nurse my babies
41. Faith
42. My mom
43. My Grandparents
44. Cable
45. Internet Connection
46. Immunizations
47. Good Dentists
48. Great Friends
49. Coffee
50. Diet Coke
51. Diet Pepsi
52. Facebook
53. The Children's Place
54. Lelli Kelly
55. Morgan & Milo
56. Hobby Lobby
57. Running water
58. Heat
59. Air Conditioning
60. Fenced yards
61. Pots n' pans
62. Lipstain
63. Nursing bras
64. Toothpaste
65. Toothbrushes
66. Hair Dye
67. Medicines
68. Vitamins
69. Pumpkins
70. Shea Butter
71. FREE Long Distance
72. Free Shipping
73. Crayons
74. My Camera
75. Hot water
76. Hand Soap
77. My Dishwasher
78. Sunscreen
79. Flour
80. Butter
81. Sugar
82. Eggs
83. Salt
84. Beef
85. Chicken
86. Pork
87. Yeast
88. Pasta
89. Fresh Fruit
90. Fresh Veggies
91. Milk
92. Cream
93. Coco
94. Silverware
95. My Great Grandmother's cookie press
96. A comfortable bed
97. My Husband
98. His Income
99. OUR Health Insurance
100. My home
101. The ability to appreciate it all ~ and then some <3


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thankful, quick like

Okay so I am sooooooooooo ELATED!!!
I WON!!!
Mrs Fifty Factor herself let me know today!!!
I got a gift card of 100 to CSN stores
and bet your toosh I spent it quick like that
Not without pinning over it for a few hours
I got 3 Red Suit gifts for my kiddo's
and another for my neice
Get this
for some reason I even got FREE SHIPPING
Holy MOLY!
I hit the Mother load!

So as quick as a rabbit
I must be with my thankful message

I am thankful for friends
the ones who listen to you even though you know they have other more important things to do. You ask the same questions over and over needing that reassurance and yet you feel loved. Those friendships that last over the miles and time because they are truly a gift from God. Currently my fav, the friendship you make online with no precursor, just because you both kinda rock like that.

I am So Thankful for my friends
I am Thankful they put up with me, listen to me and above all allow me to be me
Those friends are spilling out of my cornucopia of plenty
and I must get to baking to show them how much they mean to me

May you be as blessed as I feel today


Monday, November 22, 2010


I am Thankful
I have had almost 32 complete years with my grandparents
I had my grandfather walk me down the isle
When I took my vows
I danced with my grandfather after I became a Mrs.
I lived in the same state when my 1st child was born
Both my Grandmother and father took hold of my sweet child
on her 1st Easter at a mere 4 weeks old

I am Thankful
Since I moved away almost 7 years ago
I have seen them at least once a year
I talk with them weekly
and most of the time my Grandfather can recall my voice

I am Thankful
That I feel they have seen me grow into a young woman
then into a moth, again, again, and yet again
I feel they are proud of whom I've become
and they love seeing packages of treats arrive from me at their door

I am Thankful
that at 94 my Grandfather recalls who I am
He can make out my face if I am close enough
and stills remembers my childhood

I am Thankful
that my 85 year old Grandmother
can do most of her cares without my mother's help
That she still has an amazing sense of humor
and is still one of the most clever and thoughtful people I have ever met

I am Thankful
That all four of my blessings
have on at least one occasion have met and been held
hugged and kissed
by the 2 eldest loves of my life

I am Thankful
my children know who my grandparents are

I am Thankful

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thankful Day 2

As the days have become frigid and the roads caked with black ice, I am thankful for my "new~to~me" mini van. Cannot believe that would ever come out of this die hard SUV queen's mouth. But alas, it did.
I am thankful that our credit was just good enough after a long layoff and a multitude of creditors paying homage at my door in the form of being "served, to Trade in my Beloved Betty (Yukon 2001, 140,000 miles)
It was time, I recall feeling like I was going to cry when I was cleaning her out, we had grown close over that the last 6 years, she was very much part of the family. I especially missed her last night when I made a trip to wally world and my new sweet Gilly slid around like an ice puck. But I know it was divinely guided as ever a car purchase could be.
I am extra thankful that by the purchase of this vehicle, if everything stays on the straight and narrow, we will be able to purchase our 1st home within a year.
I am thankful for all of the struggles because with out them I would not know what it would mean to be thankful.

So now with non 4 wheel drive, non massive treaded tires and better fuel economy, I can travel  a half hour sooner to get my children to their school daily.
( I leave an hour early already, since we live so far away)
Yet I am thankful, oh so thankful!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thankful Day 1

A Friend of mine over at the Fifty Factor posed questions on what one is thankful for
I have many things in my basket to praise God for
but I am only going to highlight a few
Starting today and finishing on Thanksgiving
I will share what i am thankful for
Something that goes above and beyond food and roof

I am sooo thankful for the Private school my daughters attend. I am immensely thankful that they offer scholarships and tuition on a tier system. I am also very thankful for all of the social responsible invitations they offer the children throughout the year. Like a monthly can food drive for the local food bank. A once monthly collection of recycled items. Currently I am most excited about how the 2 schools they attend have taken on building an orphanage in Uganda. I am soooooooo Thankful.

To put into perspective I will highlight the principals portion on of a weekly newsletter that is sent home to the families. "Next week we will celebrate Thanksgiving.  In a season when the overflowing cornucopia horn-of-plenty is used to symbolize thankfulness for our many blessings. we might consider if our children understand what "Plenty" really means.  Even if we aren't wealthy, most of us can afford a lot of the conveniences.  Daily appreciation for the commonplace items that create comfort should be a habit.  Children should be expected to say thank you for favors done for them, gifts given to them, entertainment planned for them.  They need to learn to express appreciation.  And, they need to learn when a gift, even if not perfect,  still represents a sacrifice on the part of the giver.  Joy and gratitude are not automatic to a child's life.  Learning to put oneself into another's shoes and to treat others with consideration and compassion are part of gaining perspective on one's blessings.  Theses qualities are learned through example and patience.  They become an attitude toward life that affects our emotional and spiritual health.  During this season of Thanksgiving and Christmas, let us encourage our children to give thanks.  May your blessings be plentiful  this holiday season!"

I Am thankful for the hard work and long hours my husband puts in so that we can continue to offer our children this kind of excel~education!

I am So Thankful

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Santa Help Wanted

My Daughters
all 3 have decided that they
are asking the Big RED Suit
For an American Doll

I am scared to death
that I will not be able to be Santa this year because of the
enormous cost of these dolls
Recovering from a layoff still,
we are not making what we were when we were
originally layed off
Then with only 3 children

I Have never been so stressed
about the"perfect" gift
and I must admit I have some awesome kids
kind, giving, caring, loving
I mean they are kids so they are not perfect
So when Santa
only brings one thing
and this is the one thing they asked for
and I am looking at about $400
with shipping

I have called the American Girl Store
I have been placed on an email list
I have scoured the Internet looking for coupons
and they seem not to exist

I cannot imagine
their faces when no doll
is next to their stocking this year....

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

No readers here

I was once read daily but now not so much,..oh well,.. my fav lady is having a giveaway and you shouldn't check it out cause I wanna win
DO Not Check Out The Fifty Factor

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Bitter Truth

I am NOT Looking forward to Christmas this year
One major reason is that
the marketers for all things Christmas
have been shoveling their  shit cakes down my throat for the last 2 weeks already
before Halloween damn it
I hate how Christmas has turned into
nothin' but that
it makes me sick
like everyone bypassed Thanksgiving and moved right to black Friday
Which I plan on boycotting

It is sad really with 4 kids all believing in the magic of Christmas
all the while the television screens are plastered with
prices slashed and 40% of this and that

I have only 4 things to buy
As the "Red Suit" Has business to attend to
but I never wanted my kids to think Christmas was all about black Friday, what they want and how much they are planning on spending

I know of a few people who drop hundreds if not thousands on Christmas,.. and really it makes me sick
Not my story, not my life

All I know is that the "Christmas Program" might replenish my tarnished Christmas Spirit,..I hope

Friday, November 12, 2010

My 1st Order!

I cannot believe it
Hours after my middle's birthday
I get a Phone message
from the school Secretary
and she wants to place an order for get this
Not just any cookie
My Shortbread cookies
I must admit they do rock
I even plan on sending my SSS some
but I was shocked!!
Then came the part where she asked me how much they were
I was like wa?
So I did my maple leaf in burnt orange
deep red
and brown
@ 2.50 a piece
plus I threw in a couple on the house

Holy crap I walked away with 15 bucks!
Plus get this
She asks me to be discreet
cause one of the teacher's daughters bakes for business
and she didn't wanna hurt any one's feelings!!
So I did respect her wishes

As I entered  I slipped a bag o treats behind her desk
and went on to the kindergarten room
for my Friday volunteer stuff
While I am stuffing folders n' stuff
My daughter's teacher
asks me if  she could hire me to make cookies for her daughter's sweet 13
I was like Yes, of course!

With all this interest I have been floating names for my cookies
I think I have the perfect name
but I am not telling yet!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


This past Tuesday was a reason to celebrate
my middle daughter turned 6!
and even though Build a Bear drives me up a mad wall
that is where her friend party will be on Sunday
Her Theme Was BARBIE
and She got Barbied' out!
Complete with a homemade cake!

The best part was how the AWETASTIC School
Invites a family member in to the classroom to celebrate their special day
They bring in the child's Favorite Book and get to sit in the "Teacher" Chair
and then read it to the entire class
After that you are encouraged to bring a treat to share
Like the note said from the teacher
"Treats are fun, if there is enough for everyone"

Too Much fun
They sang happy birthday in sign language
and in harmonious tune

I brought in cupcakes
cookie cupcakes that is
(They ask you not bring in cupcakes, because of the mess)
So That is what I did
I am looking forward to my darling's party this Sunday!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Sundays in my city could be interesting
I could snap a shot of
the ghetto thug kids playing on the roofs of cars
or the freaky neighbor dude who has a wife beater tan
maybe I could manage a quick clip of the next door bother
who decided to put up a makeshift Bright white gutter on a sage green faceshua
but I won't
even though the thought makes you salivate
Instead I will whisper sweet nothings in your ear about how I am a SSS
and I have shopped baby oh yeah
or how we have fall cleaned and created bags of stuff for the less fortunate
but I don't wanna give away any secrets,..
not yet anyway
So I will leave you with this image

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Where did Thanksgiving go?

Have you seen
the "before black Friday sales"
Are they Kidding? no really?
I mean I know the economy is in the tank
and financial desperation have plagued our land
but isn't this all sorts of backwards in stuff?

I am a vintage girl
I love my children
I am a stay at home mom
I have given up every desire to own glitter
to provide quality education to my kiddos
I prepare meals on a budget
and shop with coupons
I only buy it if I have the money and it is on sale
I give of my gifts and talents which are purely homemade
I enjoy making handmade cards and costumes
and above all
I make our small rental, home

So when everyone whom owns 3 cars a dog and 2.5 children
are planning on dropping a grand at
"before black Friday sales"
I am simply shopping sales for a Thanksgiving meal
and treats to take to school
and I am in awe
looking at the tv like a cod fish
doing a double take
and really questioning if I heard right

Sadly it is true
Commercialized craziness at it's finest
Yet I find myself wanting to walk 70 years into the past
to a place where health and joy were rare in fashion

Who cares about the "big toy" that all the kids have to have
just give me hugs and cider

Someone tell my weeping heart
where Thanksgiving went.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Da Mouse and Everything Else

Running out of their room
my daughters are terrified
they saw what looked like a mouse tail
go under their door
I had to hold back vomit in my mouth
I was like are you serious?
how could that even be possible
I mean I sweep at least 3 times a day,..
there is nuttin left on my floors, counters or in my sink
I think I am  going to be sick
Then they decide that they will watch a movie in the living room
and then screams I guess the efing creature was now taunting them
it was now under the entertainment center
So I go to the garage and get the butterfly net and whack it under there
and that furry plague slides across the kitchen floor
after I whacked it's lil ass it disappeared into a wall
I belted out a scream from the 5th dimension
They were scared to death
so my king accommodated
4 lil bodies and 2 big ones
until 3am
is when I could not take being kicked in the face
crotch and rib any longer
and I carried them to their bed

3 traps were set
and this morn no furnasty's were caught, boo!

In my alternate world
I hand made
hand rolled
hand mixed
and hand packaged up
some of the most tasty treats
for my youngests' school
teacher conferences yesterday

Both kiddo's rocked it
even though the 5yr old was so anticipatory that she didn't even eat dinner
she need not worry <3
I was thanked for my goodies
and my well mannered child
myself the hub and the wee dude
set off to the next school for the next conference
There we were
as the teacher apologized to us
she was like I have nothing to say other than she is wonderful!
Woot, woot
Then she was like
Gosh I have heard about the treats you brought over to the other building
they have been raving
the art teacher asked me if you owned a bakery

WOW, That made my heart happy
2 awesome conferences
and thankful treats

( on a side note, I made a 3 tier cake for teacher appreciation week at the public school,..I spent a lot of time on it,..and would you guess not even a mention, not even a thank you,.. I will never forget that one.)

So now to work on spelling words
decorate a paper turkey
and reassemble my house after I took it all apart and disinfected it yesterday after the appearance of ratatouille


Monday, November 1, 2010

This Is A Must Read

Sometimes I get frustrated at life
and life keeps kicking dust up in my face
but then the rest of the times I realize how truly blessed I am
and I am solely blessed because of my children

After school today my eldest child
who is 8
Poured out her Halloween candy and started shifting through
looking over each piece with care
and making 2 piles
One for her and one for the poor

I had No say in this
her heart lead her
and I was not going to squelch it
two younger sisters followed suit
making smaller piles

She exclaimed with such joy
that by giving away some of her favorite candy
it will make someone whom is less fortune happy

and then as she bagged it up
and prepared it for a monthly can food drive at her school
she said something to me
that when I lay down
and take my last breath
I will hold close to my heart

"Mommy, next year when I apply for a scholarship
I can tell them how I donated half of my Halloween candy!"

Thinking about this
makes warm tears run across my face

The extent of what she knows is little
but for her heart to be so big and pure
I am in awe over her

For the scholarship
is what made the ability for her to attend this school
the only way we could have afforded it
and she plans on making sure she can go next year
all the while doing works for the Lord,..
and I am in awe

Harmony Happens

Amidst it all
Harmony happens

After trick or treating last night
my 8 yr old says to me,..
I think after you go through the candy
we should give half to the poor,...

WHO does that?!?!

MY daughter

where as my 5 yr old is like the poor does not need my candy
then we had a come to Jesus talk mind you

On another thought,
have you seen sister wives?
I love it,..sue me
but umm
where can I sign up for brother husbands?
Ummm, maybe I do not want that
that would be a whole hell of a lot of dirty socks and underwear,...