Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Deadly Sin,.. or shopping?

I feel in the days of 2010
Black Friday has quickly replaced
Or for a simpler math equation
Black Friday = Gluttony

don't believe me?

In most cases people overspent
because it was a "good deal"
Bought something they didn't need
or even want
because of the price

Black Friday
has infected the once beloved and cherished
Thanksgiving day
Instead of one counting blessings
They count the ads online  or in the paper
Instead of focusing on what they should be thankful for
and in a quite way
replaying the year to evaluate how truly blessed they are
They are instead making lists
and checking them twice
and figuring out where they will stand in line at 3 am in the morn

Then as the doors are opened
people who just made peace and a turkey
shove and push to get where they are going 1st
They rejoice in a  hypnotic fashion and dance on to the next store on their list

This is gluttony in it finest

Black Friday or even Cyber Monday can be done right
but people gotta get a grip
on themselves, their checkbook, and above all the Christmas spirit

Please tell me how 50 presents under the tree
or a huge T.V
is going to make you anymore whole, than the day before?

Just as you might sit across a man
who is gorging himself in such a way it makes your stomach turn
with more and more plates being presented
you think, does he really need all that food
OMG, that is disgusting
You try not to look but you cannot help your self
stare at a man who has created his own demise
Stuffing himself without care

This man is a glutton

Black Friday and him are best friends

Simply gross.


  1. Just do not do the horrid rush a lil at a time all year long and put it up. Now with the holidays at hand I am not spending tons I can not afford. Nor do I have the headache of sales, crowds or worry. Just have to wrap and hand out now.

  2. You are so right about all the stuff making people whole. It doesn't. I worry about this world. It seems like we keep trying to fill the emptiness within with more stuff and wondering why it doesn't work. Because stuff does not make you feel better for long. It's a scary ride this planet is on.