Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thankful Day 1

A Friend of mine over at the Fifty Factor posed questions on what one is thankful for
I have many things in my basket to praise God for
but I am only going to highlight a few
Starting today and finishing on Thanksgiving
I will share what i am thankful for
Something that goes above and beyond food and roof

I am sooo thankful for the Private school my daughters attend. I am immensely thankful that they offer scholarships and tuition on a tier system. I am also very thankful for all of the social responsible invitations they offer the children throughout the year. Like a monthly can food drive for the local food bank. A once monthly collection of recycled items. Currently I am most excited about how the 2 schools they attend have taken on building an orphanage in Uganda. I am soooooooo Thankful.

To put into perspective I will highlight the principals portion on of a weekly newsletter that is sent home to the families. "Next week we will celebrate Thanksgiving.  In a season when the overflowing cornucopia horn-of-plenty is used to symbolize thankfulness for our many blessings. we might consider if our children understand what "Plenty" really means.  Even if we aren't wealthy, most of us can afford a lot of the conveniences.  Daily appreciation for the commonplace items that create comfort should be a habit.  Children should be expected to say thank you for favors done for them, gifts given to them, entertainment planned for them.  They need to learn to express appreciation.  And, they need to learn when a gift, even if not perfect,  still represents a sacrifice on the part of the giver.  Joy and gratitude are not automatic to a child's life.  Learning to put oneself into another's shoes and to treat others with consideration and compassion are part of gaining perspective on one's blessings.  Theses qualities are learned through example and patience.  They become an attitude toward life that affects our emotional and spiritual health.  During this season of Thanksgiving and Christmas, let us encourage our children to give thanks.  May your blessings be plentiful  this holiday season!"

I Am thankful for the hard work and long hours my husband puts in so that we can continue to offer our children this kind of excel~education!

I am So Thankful


  1. Giving thanks is a very good thing-- It's good for your heart and soul :-)

    I'm thankful for blog friends like YOU and for school scholarships. My husband's granddaughter received one to a private high school and it was truly life changing for her.

    I'll be watching for your future "thankful" posts. xo jj

  2. I like what the principal had to say about being thankful. It's a good reminder on how to raise children who will appreciate things instead of having a sense of entitlement.