Thursday, November 18, 2010

Santa Help Wanted

My Daughters
all 3 have decided that they
are asking the Big RED Suit
For an American Doll

I am scared to death
that I will not be able to be Santa this year because of the
enormous cost of these dolls
Recovering from a layoff still,
we are not making what we were when we were
originally layed off
Then with only 3 children

I Have never been so stressed
about the"perfect" gift
and I must admit I have some awesome kids
kind, giving, caring, loving
I mean they are kids so they are not perfect
So when Santa
only brings one thing
and this is the one thing they asked for
and I am looking at about $400
with shipping

I have called the American Girl Store
I have been placed on an email list
I have scoured the Internet looking for coupons
and they seem not to exist

I cannot imagine
their faces when no doll
is next to their stocking this year....


  1. We don't always get our son what he wants. He put a porsche on the list he made in school. An assignment in his writing journal apparently. Chris said it felt like he ran out of normal things to ask for and just started writing. I am beginning to wonder if he's being influenced by the money running through Morning Star. Yikes! I don't think we'd buy him a $400 gift.

    Is there something else you can get them? Perhaps you could say Santa's on a budget. Or, he couldn't find the materials to make the dolls. Sorry, my excuses are lame. What I'm trying to say is don't put yourself into financial distress over Christmas.

  2. Those dolls are insanely priced! I had no idea.
    Fortunately there's time to steer the girls in a different direction (fingers crossed).
    xoxo jj