Thursday, November 4, 2010

Da Mouse and Everything Else

Running out of their room
my daughters are terrified
they saw what looked like a mouse tail
go under their door
I had to hold back vomit in my mouth
I was like are you serious?
how could that even be possible
I mean I sweep at least 3 times a day,..
there is nuttin left on my floors, counters or in my sink
I think I am  going to be sick
Then they decide that they will watch a movie in the living room
and then screams I guess the efing creature was now taunting them
it was now under the entertainment center
So I go to the garage and get the butterfly net and whack it under there
and that furry plague slides across the kitchen floor
after I whacked it's lil ass it disappeared into a wall
I belted out a scream from the 5th dimension
They were scared to death
so my king accommodated
4 lil bodies and 2 big ones
until 3am
is when I could not take being kicked in the face
crotch and rib any longer
and I carried them to their bed

3 traps were set
and this morn no furnasty's were caught, boo!

In my alternate world
I hand made
hand rolled
hand mixed
and hand packaged up
some of the most tasty treats
for my youngests' school
teacher conferences yesterday

Both kiddo's rocked it
even though the 5yr old was so anticipatory that she didn't even eat dinner
she need not worry <3
I was thanked for my goodies
and my well mannered child
myself the hub and the wee dude
set off to the next school for the next conference
There we were
as the teacher apologized to us
she was like I have nothing to say other than she is wonderful!
Woot, woot
Then she was like
Gosh I have heard about the treats you brought over to the other building
they have been raving
the art teacher asked me if you owned a bakery

WOW, That made my heart happy
2 awesome conferences
and thankful treats

( on a side note, I made a 3 tier cake for teacher appreciation week at the public school,..I spent a lot of time on it,..and would you guess not even a mention, not even a thank you,.. I will never forget that one.)

So now to work on spelling words
decorate a paper turkey
and reassemble my house after I took it all apart and disinfected it yesterday after the appearance of ratatouille



  1. Hope you catch that mouse.

    We used to get the thank yous to PAC for teacher appreciation week, however, it was only 3 or 4. Considering how large the staff is there, you'd think we'd get a bit more. I don't think anyone writes thank yous anymore. Which reminds me, now that PAC is serving lunch once a month for the staff, I need to get out my pen and paper.

  2. Oh, I can not stand mice.

    If I got to eat any of your tasty treats I would be very grateful. Maybe that's why the mouse came around because it heard about the goodies you've been making.