Thursday, November 11, 2010


This past Tuesday was a reason to celebrate
my middle daughter turned 6!
and even though Build a Bear drives me up a mad wall
that is where her friend party will be on Sunday
Her Theme Was BARBIE
and She got Barbied' out!
Complete with a homemade cake!

The best part was how the AWETASTIC School
Invites a family member in to the classroom to celebrate their special day
They bring in the child's Favorite Book and get to sit in the "Teacher" Chair
and then read it to the entire class
After that you are encouraged to bring a treat to share
Like the note said from the teacher
"Treats are fun, if there is enough for everyone"

Too Much fun
They sang happy birthday in sign language
and in harmonious tune

I brought in cupcakes
cookie cupcakes that is
(They ask you not bring in cupcakes, because of the mess)
So That is what I did
I am looking forward to my darling's party this Sunday!


  1. Sounds like the school party was a lot of fun. Hope Sunday is a great day!

  2. love the cake how beautiful!!! Sounds like party was fun:)