Sunday, November 7, 2010


Sundays in my city could be interesting
I could snap a shot of
the ghetto thug kids playing on the roofs of cars
or the freaky neighbor dude who has a wife beater tan
maybe I could manage a quick clip of the next door bother
who decided to put up a makeshift Bright white gutter on a sage green faceshua
but I won't
even though the thought makes you salivate
Instead I will whisper sweet nothings in your ear about how I am a SSS
and I have shopped baby oh yeah
or how we have fall cleaned and created bags of stuff for the less fortunate
but I don't wanna give away any secrets,..
not yet anyway
So I will leave you with this image


  1. In my house we call them "wife appreciators". Love the parting image.

  2. HA!!! that is funny Mami,..this dude looks like a wife beater tho,...

  3. Hey there, Sorry I'm late to the party, I've been out of town. Your little guy is getting big!
    Happy SIMC, jj