Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thankful Thanksgiving

In so many words I cannot find
the right words where happiness lies
Focused on family and food
I feel I am in incredible mood
Even with commercials stabbing at my eyes
knowing it is a human demise

I tend on watching the parade
and somewhere
I hope to find
where Thanksgiving spirit is made
I fear it does not lie in the pumpkin pie
nor the stuffing

It is really overwhelming
Seeing everyone
ready to rush though being thankful
Focused with dollars signs sparkling in their eyes

I like a good deal
as everyone does
but before it gets lost
in the hustle and bustle
Sit and be still
bow your head and count your blessings
and with hope
Thanksgiving will live on

 Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and May you be blessed with more than just your pocket book holds

1 comment:

  1. So far it's been a rocking Thanksgiving. Just hanging out. Went sledding at Peet's Hill. Well, the boys did, I went and took pictures of snow. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!