Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Bitter Truth

I am NOT Looking forward to Christmas this year
One major reason is that
the marketers for all things Christmas
have been shoveling their  shit cakes down my throat for the last 2 weeks already
before Halloween damn it
I hate how Christmas has turned into
nothin' but that
it makes me sick
like everyone bypassed Thanksgiving and moved right to black Friday
Which I plan on boycotting

It is sad really with 4 kids all believing in the magic of Christmas
all the while the television screens are plastered with
prices slashed and 40% of this and that

I have only 4 things to buy
As the "Red Suit" Has business to attend to
but I never wanted my kids to think Christmas was all about black Friday, what they want and how much they are planning on spending

I know of a few people who drop hundreds if not thousands on Christmas,.. and really it makes me sick
Not my story, not my life

All I know is that the "Christmas Program" might replenish my tarnished Christmas Spirit,..I hope


  1. I'm all for the "Thanksgiving Comes First" school of thought and wish retailers would give us a break and not shove gift-giving down our throats so early in the season.

    Keeping Christmas gifts in check for little ones is important in my book. Usually, so many people (family and friends) are giving them gifts that it ends up being over the top if Christmas morning is mobbed with more gifts. Big sigh. It's not easy.

    Here's hoping the Christmas Program is inspiring. xo jj

  2. AMEN!!!! I am not even paying attention to the tv commercials UNTIL I have my turkey!

  3. i won't lie... i've been shopping. my plan was that if i started to buy a gift or two a week i would be done in time to just enjoy the 2 weeks before christmas day! and i am a coupon/deal whore! i will be out at the outlets at midnight on thanksgiving. it's more like a fun tradition and i only buy kids clothes that are for now, not for christmas. gotta love a good sale!