Saturday, November 6, 2010

Where did Thanksgiving go?

Have you seen
the "before black Friday sales"
Are they Kidding? no really?
I mean I know the economy is in the tank
and financial desperation have plagued our land
but isn't this all sorts of backwards in stuff?

I am a vintage girl
I love my children
I am a stay at home mom
I have given up every desire to own glitter
to provide quality education to my kiddos
I prepare meals on a budget
and shop with coupons
I only buy it if I have the money and it is on sale
I give of my gifts and talents which are purely homemade
I enjoy making handmade cards and costumes
and above all
I make our small rental, home

So when everyone whom owns 3 cars a dog and 2.5 children
are planning on dropping a grand at
"before black Friday sales"
I am simply shopping sales for a Thanksgiving meal
and treats to take to school
and I am in awe
looking at the tv like a cod fish
doing a double take
and really questioning if I heard right

Sadly it is true
Commercialized craziness at it's finest
Yet I find myself wanting to walk 70 years into the past
to a place where health and joy were rare in fashion

Who cares about the "big toy" that all the kids have to have
just give me hugs and cider

Someone tell my weeping heart
where Thanksgiving went.

1 comment:

  1. Good question. All the stores here are ready for Christmas. Do they think we'll just Christmas shop for two months? I won't buy more stuff because you start earlier. Sigh. I told my husband one time at some point they'll wrap around, but he thinks I'm nuts. Could be.