Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thankful, quick like

Okay so I am sooooooooooo ELATED!!!
I WON!!!
Mrs Fifty Factor herself let me know today!!!
I got a gift card of 100 to CSN stores
and bet your toosh I spent it quick like that
Not without pinning over it for a few hours
I got 3 Red Suit gifts for my kiddo's
and another for my neice
Get this
for some reason I even got FREE SHIPPING
Holy MOLY!
I hit the Mother load!

So as quick as a rabbit
I must be with my thankful message

I am thankful for friends
the ones who listen to you even though you know they have other more important things to do. You ask the same questions over and over needing that reassurance and yet you feel loved. Those friendships that last over the miles and time because they are truly a gift from God. Currently my fav, the friendship you make online with no precursor, just because you both kinda rock like that.

I am So Thankful for my friends
I am Thankful they put up with me, listen to me and above all allow me to be me
Those friends are spilling out of my cornucopia of plenty
and I must get to baking to show them how much they mean to me

May you be as blessed as I feel today



  1. Yay! How fun. Found money is the best. :)

  2. And I'm thankful for you! Great job shopping!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!
    xo jj

  3. Congratulations! I'm happy you won. It sounds like you got several nice things for your kids. Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Won't you please add the ability to subscribe to your blog via email. Pretty please?

    Congratulations on the CSN win!