Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shhhhh it's a Secret!

I am in the Christmas mood
I am oozing Christmas Spirit
My Tree is up with care
If I had a chimney they would be up there
I am hummin' to all kinds of Christmas tunes
I've wrapped gifts
and made my DVD
now there is only one thing left you see

Shhhhhhh,... it's a Secret
she is hosting SSS
and this is my second year
but this is an xtra special year 4 me

So in the past
you wrote about what ya got
which was fun
but this year is even better!!!
You write about what you've sent
All givin' in' such ;)

I was hoping my package would reach my person on Black Friday but no such luck
cause you see , I am tracking it!

So Now I get to Highlight what I got her

In an oversized diaper box, size 4 I believe

There are chocolate candies, resse's
and wrapped up with care
with a jingle bell
are a vintage cookbook
that has a very special meaning to me
Plus a Christmas card with $5 bucks to Starbucks
Then you have the travel Coffee Mug
filled with espresso chocolates

I hope she will enjoy,..
I know she will

I bet you are wondering why I gave this person that special cookbook
Well, it has a story
that I know she would appreciate
It came from my grandfather years and years ago
in mint condition,..
it's actual value I am unaware
But the recipes inside are just wonderful
takes you back to a place before the net
can you imagine
when it seemed easier to get along
and as  far as the reason why
Because this Lady deserves it and will care for it only as I know she could
she will embrace the value more than any antique collector

Happy SSS


  1. LOVE it and...I bet your SSS partner will as well

  2. What a sweet and thoughtful gift. A real treasure in that cookbook! I am sure your partner will love it and the thought behind it!! Happy Holidays!!

  3. ohhhhh that is share your family with others. I know it would be something I would oohhhh and awwww over. Great Idea!

  4. Not knowing the person you have, I can see no reason they would not be pleased with your gift. I was certainly pleased you dropped by for a visit and comment.

  5. You are very, very correct, my friend! I LOVE the package...when I saw all those peanut butter cups I just started laughing.

    The cookbook is amazing. What a wonderful gift. I thank you for such a special present. Now I'm going to need to pick a recipe to try! :-)

    Thank you so much. What a fantastic Santa you are!

  6. YAY YAY!!!!!! I am soooooooooooooooo Happy!! I am so Excited that you love it! A Wonderful gift for a wonderful Lady!! Merry Christmas Friend <3

  7. Your SSS is in for a real treat !!!! You made wonderful selections and I know you wrapped them with love.
    xo jj

  8. What an amazing (and generous) gift! I know Brainella is LOVING it all. (She lives down near me, by the way.)