Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thankful Day 2

As the days have become frigid and the roads caked with black ice, I am thankful for my "new~to~me" mini van. Cannot believe that would ever come out of this die hard SUV queen's mouth. But alas, it did.
I am thankful that our credit was just good enough after a long layoff and a multitude of creditors paying homage at my door in the form of being "served, to Trade in my Beloved Betty (Yukon 2001, 140,000 miles)
It was time, I recall feeling like I was going to cry when I was cleaning her out, we had grown close over that the last 6 years, she was very much part of the family. I especially missed her last night when I made a trip to wally world and my new sweet Gilly slid around like an ice puck. But I know it was divinely guided as ever a car purchase could be.
I am extra thankful that by the purchase of this vehicle, if everything stays on the straight and narrow, we will be able to purchase our 1st home within a year.
I am thankful for all of the struggles because with out them I would not know what it would mean to be thankful.

So now with non 4 wheel drive, non massive treaded tires and better fuel economy, I can travel  a half hour sooner to get my children to their school daily.
( I leave an hour early already, since we live so far away)
Yet I am thankful, oh so thankful!


  1. I'm glad you were able to get the new car. It was time.

  2. Yeah for you!!!! I'm very happy for you. Safe travels in your "new to you" vehicle. There is lots to be thankful for this holiday.
    xoxo jj