Friday, November 12, 2010

My 1st Order!

I cannot believe it
Hours after my middle's birthday
I get a Phone message
from the school Secretary
and she wants to place an order for get this
Not just any cookie
My Shortbread cookies
I must admit they do rock
I even plan on sending my SSS some
but I was shocked!!
Then came the part where she asked me how much they were
I was like wa?
So I did my maple leaf in burnt orange
deep red
and brown
@ 2.50 a piece
plus I threw in a couple on the house

Holy crap I walked away with 15 bucks!
Plus get this
She asks me to be discreet
cause one of the teacher's daughters bakes for business
and she didn't wanna hurt any one's feelings!!
So I did respect her wishes

As I entered  I slipped a bag o treats behind her desk
and went on to the kindergarten room
for my Friday volunteer stuff
While I am stuffing folders n' stuff
My daughter's teacher
asks me if  she could hire me to make cookies for her daughter's sweet 13
I was like Yes, of course!

With all this interest I have been floating names for my cookies
I think I have the perfect name
but I am not telling yet!


  1. Cool! I can hardly wait to find out what you name the cookies.

  2. well like I said before I am happy for you! This news is awesome and really I think you should consider it:p