Monday, November 1, 2010

This Is A Must Read

Sometimes I get frustrated at life
and life keeps kicking dust up in my face
but then the rest of the times I realize how truly blessed I am
and I am solely blessed because of my children

After school today my eldest child
who is 8
Poured out her Halloween candy and started shifting through
looking over each piece with care
and making 2 piles
One for her and one for the poor

I had No say in this
her heart lead her
and I was not going to squelch it
two younger sisters followed suit
making smaller piles

She exclaimed with such joy
that by giving away some of her favorite candy
it will make someone whom is less fortune happy

and then as she bagged it up
and prepared it for a monthly can food drive at her school
she said something to me
that when I lay down
and take my last breath
I will hold close to my heart

"Mommy, next year when I apply for a scholarship
I can tell them how I donated half of my Halloween candy!"

Thinking about this
makes warm tears run across my face

The extent of what she knows is little
but for her heart to be so big and pure
I am in awe over her

For the scholarship
is what made the ability for her to attend this school
the only way we could have afforded it
and she plans on making sure she can go next year
all the while doing works for the Lord,..
and I am in awe


  1. She is sweeter than the candy she is donating. Very touching.

  2. Your sweet 8 year old made my heart beat a little faster... and then I heard the angels sing. What a wonderful soul so full of Grace.

    I take my hat off to your daughter and to you for obviously GREAT parenting.

    xo jj

  3. i love when they get it, you know, when it really means something to them! you have truly done your job! definitely brought a smile to my face!

  4. What a kind, caring soul...and she's only 8! How does it feel to be a great parent? :)

  5. Thank you all, she truly has re~inspired my tattered heart

  6. She is totally awesome. I wish there were more adults like her.

  7. LOVE this so much. And, I'm quite sure the apple didn't fall far from your tree!