Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Define Me

I am Not the Trophy Wife
Nor do I wear stilettos in the snow
I no longer Drive an SUV
Or go to Pilate's
I wear just a touch of makeup
cover girl I think
I like My North face
I know the ladies at Starbucks by name
I do Not wear a wedding Ring
I don't own my home
I just got a Green mini van
and I drive it like an Suv
I drink diet
and like my steak medium rare
I am a self taught baker
I curl my hair
I like to dye it black
I like people to like me for me
not what they can get out of me
I am a fierce mother
I believe in accountability
I believe in love
in fairy tales, angels and God
I hate olives
and temper Tantrums
I have been married  for 9 years
and I still like my husband
My favorite movie is the sound of music
I believe in giving to the poor
define me,.......

1 comment:

  1. Amen to that!!! I think this makes you a pretty amazing woman.
    And, I gave up stilettos in the snow a very long time ago-- But, at the time, NEVER thought I would. Ahh youth.
    Cheers, jj