Sunday, December 12, 2010


Okay so there I was drivin' and we have this corner that
must be a hot spot for the local beggars
cause this one woman ran up with her cardboard sign
and then all of a sudden
another woman jumped out of the bushes
and ran to the corner holding her cardboard sign
Then, THEN
they stared getting in a verbal fight
wafting their signs in the others face
Bopping each other in the face
with their sign of beggary
all the while
I laughed
and thought if that have that much stamina
maybe they should try for a job?

Today I was called ma'am
by a young man half my age
although I thoroughly appreciate the politeness
It kinda made me feel old,....

My wee dude ate his 1st french fry today
he is in love


  1. Wow! A bum fight. The competition must be fierce. Your little guy has good taste in food. French fries, yum!

  2. Oh, you should have written that on a dollar bill and given it to them. :)

    French fries ARE love.

  3. Battling beggars! What next?

    And I totally understand your son's new love affair with French Fries.

    Have a great week. xo jj

  4. Maybe they plotted up the plan in hopes if they gave a show of sorts they could "earn" their money via a show?? lol that is pretty comical sorry I missed that one.

    yum on the fries...Inger would call him a good lil Irish boy. She is my potatoes anything goes child.

  5. Wow, times must be getting worse. Fighting for the best corner, and they aren't even hookers? Sheesh!