Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Damn you, God!

At first I wanted to write about the human condition and how ugly it is. How when I was at Taco~hell I saw a creature with an “I am an Orgasm Donor” bumper sticker on the back of said car,.. gleaming in the sun was his silver tooth and his mullet danced around his brain~less head,.. even yet that did not make me heave,..yet when I saw a wee~lil’ arm reach up from the back,.. that is when I lost it,..
I was going to write about how  Humans as a whole must continue to evolve,.. because I felt we had missed a few important links at some point
I was going to  write,..
But then I started to feel. Despite all the power inside of me to be a snarky bitter cynical bitch. I couldn’t fight it. The overwhelming feeling,….
Damn You GOD!!
Just when I let go, and am ready to live just for myself
I got a letter in the mail. It simply defined the condition of human that I at once was in love with. Kindness, love, forgiveness, acceptance and the desire to help.  I realized that my head got clouded by all that negative smoke people were blowing up my ass. Just then, the darkened harden scales started to peel free,….
I continued on my drive
When I pulled up onto her. I haven’t felt this way for almost 13 years
It was like God himself was using the young woman on the side of the road. Not only for me but for many to see,.. seeing her changed me.
She reminded me of when I was a  shy 19-year-old young woman myself and God called to me to help. I did not answer his called I avoided him like the plague, until that was, that the pleading became so loud and clear it was like  I could feel his screams through my soul.
That night 13 years ago, changed me.

Damn You God

For making me feel
for making me belive in the love you have for us
and especially for harboring  forgiveness in my soul

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