Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My NEW Blog

Is kinda like that shirt.
You know the one you saw in a window
dropped everything
and ran in to try it on
Buying seconds after
It had hugged your body

But then you get home
and you stare at your closet
and you feel lost

How could something so wonderful not fit in
How could it be so estranged

Then all this pondering
all the while your embrace
of this new-found love eases

Now you sit there
and think
do I have anything that will work
can I figure it out
Can I make it happen
Or will I return it tomorrow,…

This is kinda how I feel
’bout my new blog
I tried this on
and it hugs me in all the right places
it just doesn’t work
Like I am use to
but I am going in a step in the right direction

Its like
I was eating a roast beef sandwich
now it is marinated with red and  green peppers
adorned with caramelized onions
placed inside of a monster sized roasted garlic Portobello
ahhhhh,.. that’s the stuff

Who wants lunch?

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