Thursday, October 21, 2010

How Many Sleeps till Christmas?

The answer is 65 days,…
This was only prompted
after an “American Doll” catalog
Entered our home
Shrills and Shrieks of joy filled my house
with ohhhhhs
and ahhhhhs
and OH MY GOSH’s Galore

They pleaded with me to write down their Christmas Wish list just then.

You see Christmas, is done very differently at my house
with 4 children
3  in private school
and mindful parents trying to achieve the “America Dream”

Christmas, is extra special,… not because they are showered with gifts,..No
cause you see, I was an only.
I was showed with so many gifts, I cried!

So typically on Thanksgiving
The kids write down their TOP 5 Wishes
In Order
The 1st Being what they desire to receive from St Nicholas himself
The other 4,..
Don’t always get written down,..
because I would like to think
or believe I have mindful children
and If we ask for more than one thing from santa, how would he be able to give gifts to all children?

So with that
I allowed a pre~Halloween
Christmas list to be written

My oldest who, I might add is very bright
States firmly,
That it is a good thing Santa isn’t all about money,  ’cause these dolls are really expensive,..

Yep good thing

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