Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's a baking day

Today is the only day I do not
Have to be in 3 places at once
So instead of watching soap operas
and eating bon bons
I plan on doing laundry
baking pumpkin spice cookies
and organizing a couple kitchen drawers

When it is a baking day
it tends to mean
it is a stress relief day
a someone spit in my latte day
or kill me now, I singed up to do what?, day

Baking is as soothing to my soul
as a dark piece of chocolate
A frothy latte
and sweet cuddles and kisses
from my wee ones

Baking is my stress relief

Drinking lattes and fraps makes my soul sigh

Today after my visit to Starbucks
my incorrigible 4 year old
asks me why I need a coffee everyday
I replied
Because I have 4 kids,..
Nuff said!



  1. I bet the cookies are yummy! Hope you are all relaxed now.

  2. See, I'm all about the soap operas and the bonbons...

  3. I think 4 kids earns you 4 coffees a day :-)
    Happy baking.

  4. i wish i could say the same... i'm not so crafty in the kitchen! it just becomes one stress after another after another...